Glassbox, a global leader in digital experience analytics for web and mobile applications, has acquired the Convertize A/B testing platform. Here is some additional information for existing Convertize customers about what this acquisition means for you.


Can I continue to use Convertize?
Yes! Your Convertize A/B testing software account is still active with all of the features and functionality you’ve come to expect.

How do I access Convertize?
You will continue to log into the A/B testing platform through We suggest you bookmark this page. (Note: You will no longer be able to access the platform from

Will I see any changes to my account?
There will be no immediate changes to your account. In the coming months, you can expect to see Glassbox appear in place of the Convertize brand in areas like billing and in the app itself.

Will Glassbox continue to support the Convertize platform?
Yes, Glassbox will continue to support the Convertize A/B testing platform for as long as you continue to use it.

Where do I go for help with Convertize now?
You can continue to seek help at any time using the embedded support within the application. Just look for this button on any page to ask us a question.

Will the pricing change?
The pricing will not change at this time.

What does Glassbox do?
Glassbox empowers organizations to create frictionless digital journeys for their customers. Our digital experience analytics platform works in real-time across mobile apps and the web to accelerate loyalty and growth. Through AI-driven visualization and analytics tools, Glassbox enables teams to prioritize customer experience and digital product enhancements from a single collaborative system. From IT and product management to marketing and compliance, teams can understand user struggles, visualize the customer journey and optimize every step. Learn more about us at

What are the benefits of Glassbox acquiring the Convertize A/B testing platform?
This acquisition underscores Glassbox’s dedication to delivering on its vision for Experience Intelligence. It is a logical extension of Glassbox’s current capabilities, and once integrated with the Glassbox digital experience analytics platform, will provide digital teams with a single platform for assessing, analyzing and optimizing their digital customer experience.

With the added A/B testing technology from Convertize, Glassbox will help businesses:

  • Improve speed and quality of digital product development cycles
  • Define marketing campaigns with an understanding of conversion
  • Get a complete picture of consumer’ behavior between test
  • Understand revenue potential associated with test variants
  • Identify the key engagement, technical and overall customer experience challenges from each test

How can I learn more about Glassbox?
We encourage you to visit to learn more about us. From here, you can see a product demo or contact us if you have any questions.

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