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Increase Your Conversion Rate

December 2019

A winter sports retailer increased their conversion rate from mobile traffic on a category page by 37.5% with Convertize

Test: Persuasive Notifications


Get more button clicks

January 2020

A Customer Service Software provider Increased the CTR on a key webpage by 300% in just one month with Convertize

Test: Changing the button text


Convertize makes A/B testing easy and
affordable for any online business

AB testing statistics reinvented
An A/B testing tool
Built for humans

With Convertize, you can edit any page and test your changes without touching a line of code.

During your tests, Smart Features work behind-the-scenes to make them fast and effortless.

AB testing Smart Editor
Smart editor

Because of its simple page editor and user-friendly dashboard, Convertize is consistently one of the most highly-rated tools on software comparison sites.

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Join over 800 happy teams using Convertize

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“This is a must-have tool for modern performance marketing… Setup is simple and you can easily manage all changes and track all conversion goals in no time”

Tobias Ockermüller

Founder of Rockermüller GmbH

Smart Feature Autopilot
SMART FEATURE - AUTOPILOT Create, launch, relax
with Autopilot

Autopilot manages your traffic for you. Whilst your team is busy producing content, Autopilot maximises your revenue by sending more traffic to the best-performing versions of your webpage. That way, your revenue is safe and your tests reach significance fast.

Smart Feature Lightning Mode
With Lightning Mode

When A/B testing tools are too slow, they can cause “Page Flicker” or “FOOC” (Flash of Original Content). The unique Pixel engineered by Convertize is lighter than the ones used in other A/B testing tools, which means it reaches loading speeds up to 17.2 times faster.

Smart Feature Statistics Engine
The Statistics Engine

The Convertize Statistics Engine – combining two kinds of statistics – gives you clearer results, faster than other tools. Not only can you see which version of your webpage is best, you can also see how long an experiment will need to run to reach statistical significance.

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“With the easy to navigate UI and reporting, we were able to optimize on the go and increase conversions”

Ilan Kasan

CEO of Exceed.ai

Convertize works with the tools
you already use

Convertize integrates with website builders and analytics platforms, meaning it's even easier to
start testing your webpages.

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