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We use your site’s real-time data to create notifications that attract your users’’ attention and persuade them to act.

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Increase the perceived value by using scarcitysoon

Convertize displays dynamic notifications that will capture the attention of your visitors by using the scarcity effect. This increases the perceived value of the product, encouraging them to make a purchasing decision more quickly.

This SmartPlugin™ is powered by an intelligent algorithm that will optimise results in real time and display the most persuasive message at the best time.

screen from Scenario App showing the dashboard

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Effective use of scarcity is proven to increase sales

Jerry W LeePsychology Professor

The science behind these SmartPlugins™

All our SmartPlugins™ are guided by consumer psychology

The Scarcity principle was discovered by scientists Worchel, Lee and Adewole in 1975. The principle is explained by the idea that the more difficult or urgent it is to acquire an item, or the more easily it might be lost, the more value that item has in our minds. Scarcity is associated in our brains with something positive, luxurious and exclusive as we automatically assume that it is scarce because everyone wants or has already bought this product and therefore it must be a good product. In other words, scarce objects arouse our interests and so immediately become more desirable than a product that is readily available.

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